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Most present day radon mitigators are frauds, amateurs, & bimbos. (about 80%) Only a very few are legitimate, have a full level of training, and have the professional mindset required. So you need to be rather wary. 
I am the first and original Radon Busters. + 25 years in the making. I'm a Civil/Environmental
Engineer (Les Keebler - Montana State Univ.@ Bozeman, (P.E. - 1980) and certified for radon at the
EPA's Western Regional Training Center at Colorado State University (1991) and now U of C.  It's the right way, the accredited way, the professional path to radon certification. Very few take it and even fewer make it, as the failure rate at the 4 EPA accredited schools is traditionally about 67%. (In my class, the wash out rate was closer to 90%.)  Now, I'm am the EPA's long time, high seniority mitigator in the Pacific-Northwest. Bozos get screened out at the accredited State universities and this is very intentional. It's part of the EPA protocol mandate. (The EPA simply didn't want bums and crooks in the industry.) In the end, the EPA doesn't control radon anymore & private radon certifications now apppear in the market. But does it matter? The answer is yes!!! Very much so. Private training & certifications after the year 2000 (such as the NRPP's) are pretty much "on-line" & generally do not meet the EPA's clear & stipulated standards for training, testing, & certification. It mostly has to do with no field training, no real testing, no vetting, and no de-certification process to get rid of the bums & the crooks.  One private certifier spins it this way in their very fine print:        
                       "Our certification is not acceptable everywhere."
                     (They are spinning away a very plain fact.) 
         Their mitigators do not meet EPA certification standards.             

So caveat emptor or buyer beware! Be careful! Radon mitigators can be a very slippery bunch, very much like a storm chaser roofer. 

My original EPA cert is one of those few  real & professional 
certifications accredited and acceptable everywhere, the real dealSo I'm different from the rest ... a Level 1 mitigator & an engineer. There are only a few of us (about 3) in the entire MT - WY area. (1 in Missoula & another in Bozeman) 

I am that long time local radon mitigator who has been doing it right ... forever. (Well almost!) So be a bit wary in the radon world as there's a wide range in the quality & product of radon mitigators. The poor, phony, & slippery mitigators come and go. Engineered, professional radon systems are simply better.  
So who you gonna call to get a real radon mitigator? RADON BUSTERS!
The above picture is another "exterior system". Aesthetically & in design, one has to be careful with exterior systems and not put them just anywhere. "Interior systems" are not visable on the outside of the house. 
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