Radon Busters (Of Montana) - The "Professional" Mitigator
The "Conflicted" Home Inspector/Radon Mitigator
Home inspectors are not formally schooled or trained in any certifiable manner nor do they report to any higher board, or regulating authority. This means that there are some non-professional persons in the industry that ... shouldn't be, doing things they "ought not"! Some are good, some are bad, and some ... are crooked! This total lack of disciplinary oversight within the H.I. industry is why Machiavellian conflicts of interest occur. A home inspector should never, never, never become involved in radon mitigation or other home repairs! The unethical ones do and it reveals their dark side. Machiavelli so wrote:
“When you want a man’s money, you just don’t break into his home … stick a dagger to his throat and demand his purse! You might get the money but when one does things like this, you’ll find that you have become hated … and your life just won’t go well."
"Instead, a person needs to be a little smarter! What you should have done … was snuck in the back door of the man’s house, lit a fire in a back room, and then snuck back out! And then patiently sat outside on the front of the street ... selling fire extinguishers!" (At the time these were sealed, thin, glass balls filled with water, often baseball sized and somewhat decorative. You threw them at the fire, needed several, & probably had to run back for more.)
"In this way you’ll be loved, still get all the 
man’s money, and your life will go much better!"
What a clever but narcissistic scumbag! (He's not a thug. He's a scammer!) It’s called manipulation, "crisis/rescuer” politics, or in business, “creating your own markets”. It's much more than the knack of being in the right place at the right time! It's something done to you! and it's precisely the game that conflicted home inspectors play. The scam works best when the buyer and seller don't recognize that the home inspector and certain contractors are connected ... at the wallet. Too often they are the very same person, slyly operating under 2 differing ficticious business names, an actor with 2 stage names ... playing both parts. (You are not supposed to connect the dots ... or notice that his moustache is crooked!) The fact is that a seller should never  accept a conflicted home inspector that somehow gains income from home repairs. But how are you going to know? Billings always has one or two conflicted home inspectors "circling the castle" so be vigilant & be wary. And sadder, realtors often won't help you with this task as they are often a bit afraid of a vindictive home inspector (who can & will make their life hell). Ask hard questions before you ever let such a bad boy in the door. And then ... be a tough bear when their answers aren't perfect or if they hedge just a bit. Tell them "Get another inspector, one without a conflict!" 

And if you've discovered one conflict of interest in your home inspector, it's a HUGE red flag as it's probably just the first conflict
that you've spotted. It's enough to terminate him immediately! Just like a virus, send him packin' & it's important to do before he ever gets a foot in the door. (If he has any conflicts at all, he's bad news. It's unexcusable & very unprofessional.) Once you see the entire picture, it's really pretty simple: 
         When Daddy's little girl needs braces, your radon    
         levels climb and your window seals begin to leak. 
                               (Cause ... and effect!) 
Keep this kind out of your home and your life! Don't let him in either door, not as an inspector nor as a mitigator. If he's crooked here, he's crooked there. You've ... got a scammer on your hands.

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