Radon Busters (Of Montana) - The "Professional" Mitigator
Contacts &                                     Brass Tacks
Owner: Les Keebler - Billings, MT        Let's get down to brass tacks. 
Home/Office Phone: 406-652-3386    There are 3 levels of radon
Mobile: 406-855-8208                            mitigators. The regulated
E-Mail: radonbusters@msn.com          states (and EPA) indicate                                                                     that the 2 lesser levels     
are trouble and should be avoided. 

The Pros - (Level 1) These are EPA & University trained. There are 4 state Universites in the USA accredited for radon by the EPA. RADON BUSTERS is a Colorado State University pro. They cover the western USA. The pros are the ones you want if you want the job done right! Most individuals who attempt entry into the real training directly at an EPA accredited school fail
... as one of their mandated goals was to weed out the bums. Contractors that don't know the material (and that's most of them) fail and go home empty handed. 

Level 2 & 3:  Opposingly, on-line certification mills (private & a post 2000 occurance) tend to attract those failed bums as pretty much everybody gets a certificate. These kinds are called Level 2's and most also fail to meet the EPA's stipulated certification standards ... but they'd like you to believe so. That's ... the misrepresentation and precisely where posers begin appearing (hiding).  In this state, most NRPP mitigators are Level 2 and it's been quite intentionally hidden from you. (Chamey-chamey!) Level 2's & 3's  are considered sub-standard and are illegal in the specific states where EPA certification standards are legislatively enforced. So lesser radon certificates, occuring in the non-regulated states like Montana & Wyoming, don't mean much. I can buy you one this afternoon. 

Level 3's don't even have a certificate ... and most forge one or present an illegitimate certificate. Sadly Level 2 & 3 mitigators aren't criminal in MT & WY and we've got 'em. And too often, the Sec. of State and Workman's Comp has never heard of these firms. These are the underground economy.  

So too many modern radon mitigators turn out to be posers!"  They're  just not up to snuff. If you're not familiar with the street term, the 3 Stooges were professional posers (unqualified, phony, or unreal - plumbers, doctors, professors, paper hangers, businessmen, etc.) and it always got them hilariously into trouble. But these types aren't so funny in the real world ... nor is lung cancer or the litigation that eventually comes with a bad radon job. 

Every year I'll tear out & replace dangerous radon systems installed by lower leveled radon mitigators. Your family is worth the extra careIt's only a matter of life & breath.  

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