Radon Busters (Of Montana) - The "Professional" Mitigator
Professionalism: How are we different?
Professionalism has an uncanny definition that doesn't appear in the dictionary. And the true definition applies to all the professions. Just because someone has acquired a certificate doesn't mean that he is now a professional ... but if he doesn't have a certificate, he surely isn't professional either. (In a real system, one gets decertified for not being professional.) The true definition is this:
A professional knows what he shouldn't be doing, and he doesn't do it.  Technically, he knows what he doesn't know, and why he shouldn't be doing it.
Opposingly everybody knows that Arnold shouldn't have been fooling around with the maid! But he did it anyway! 
Not professional as a husband ...  or a politician. He was entitled, needed to be
decertified, and Maria did it.
Home inspectors who also perform radon mitigations are just another example of fooling around with the maid, a gross conflict of interest, a shouldn'tI brought my rigid professionalism with me from my engineering background & training. Taking care of the public health and welfare first, before one's own, is an engineer's professional obligation and not just a personal option! This means doing the job right ... no matter how it was bid or misbid! And if you don't know quite how to do it right, maybe you shouldn't be doing it at all. It's why Roman engineers were required to stand under their stone archway bridges as the scaffolding was being removed. Their decertification process was simple & highly effective. Unlike Arnold, they ... didn't fool around.

So I'm not your typical, self-absorbed, contractor. I'm sad to say that there are quite a few actors just like Arnold in the radon business pretending that they know what they are doing. So be 
careful, be discreet. 
After +25 years in the business and seeing a string of shifty and sometimes inept competitors come & go, it is my assessment that there just aren't very many real radon professionals out there, but they do exist. Those very few are the ones worth every penny! The others are well avoided. Choose a real professional, RADON BUSTERS and avoid the mayhem.
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